Carers: The unsung heroes

Carers Rights Day is an opportunity to highlight the growing population of people caring for elderly, sick or disabled relatives and friends. With an ageing population, the significance of recognizing and safeguarding the rights of carers has become increasingly apparent.

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    How Do I Find Home Care?

    In an increasingly ageing population, the demand for high-quality home care services in the United Kingdom has surged, with more individuals seeking personalised and compassionate care solutions within their local communities.

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      How do I choose the right care home for my loved one?

      Choosing the right care home for your loved one in the UK involves several specific steps and considerations. Along with location and facilities, there are many other things to consider, from CQC ratings to cost and funding.

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        Why do I feel stressed as a caregiver?

        Caregiving is one of the most emotionally and physically demanding things anyone can go through. Family members and friends who provide care to individuals with chronic illnesses, disabilities, or older adults can experience high levels of stress due to the demands of caregiving.

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          What are the different types of care?

          When looking for care within the UK, it helps to understand how your needs or the needs of a loved one may affect the choices of care that may be suitable. The reasons for needing care may vary, and the length of care or where care is received can depend on the individual.

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            The Care Show Birmingham 2023 Highlights

            On the 9-10th of October, Pairly attended the 2023 Care Show in Birmingham and had the opportunity to meet and spend time with industry leaders, care providers and tech innovators.

            Dementia Issues in the UK

            The head of Alzheimer's Research UK has called for the government to do more to deal with the increasing pressure dementia is putting on the economy, society as a whole, and the NHS.