Services for everyone

Sometimes in life we need a little assistance. Whatever level of help you need, there are lots of options to choose from. Below are some examples of services for everyone.

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Providing Care

Are you looking for carers who have experience with services for everyone?

Care Home Services

A care home provides care around the clock. It is a place where accommodation and personal care are provided together. Care homes are residential, and people live in them for long and short-term stays. A care home can become a person’s sole place of residence becoming their home. They do not own it.

Examples of care home services:

Care Homes with Nursing

A care home with nursing is a residential home where accommodation and personal care are provided simultaneously. People can live in a care home for a short or long period.

Qualified nurses are employed to ensure that the entire needs of the customer are met.

Here are some examples of services that fit under this category:

Nursing home

Domiciliary care

Personal assistant

You should consider domiciliary or home care if:

Home carers assist with a wide range of tasks, including;

Different types of home care:

The home care you choose will be dependent on your needs. Talk to your care provider to help you identify the best care for you.

Enabling and Companionship

Enablers help with day-to-day tasks, including light housework, shopping, or trips out.

Personal care

Personal care is assistance with tasks that have become difficult due to illness or ageing; these can involve: going to the toilet, Bathing, washing, getting dressed and shaving.

Dementia care

Specially trained care workers can help people with Dementia maintain a social life and a routine and support them to live as independently as possible.

Respite Home Care

Respite care is a temporary service; it can involve caring for people who leave the hospital and need assistance while recovering—or helping those who care for a family member by taking over their care to give them a break. This care can be for hours, days or weeks.

Live-in care

Live-in care 24-hour care in your own home. A carer will come to live in your home, allowing you to retain the lifestyle you are used to, including helping your pets and social life.