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Providing Care
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Hi, I’m Megan and am proud to be one of the Technical Customer Success leads here at Pairly. After working within the Health and Care field for the last 6 years in various management positions I could instantly see the benefits of Pairly and how care seekers and providers could use our tools to connect more easily.

Pairly already offers a range of features such as real-time availability, instant care connections, free access to care requests and more. We aim to bring care into the future which is why we are always looking to develop our system with insights and feedback from the care community. After listening to your feedback we have some exciting developments that will be available in April 2024!

Coming soon!

Looking to the future, we are currently developing Pairly to increase its usability when managing your care and career enquiries - developments include:

Industry expert insight helps us push forward towards digital innovation within the care sector which is why we always listen to your feedback and hope you will enjoy these new features!

It is an exciting time here at we can’t share too many details yet, as we are in the testing phase of the next generation of Pairly. However, allowing for a detailed testing schedule we intend to release in April 2024 and we will continue to connect care seekers and care providers in seconds.

Help and FAQ’s

We’ve also updated our website with some handy help guides. These include setting up your free Pairly account with us, creating rate cards and entering your availability. We’ve also included some helpful, easy-to-follow video tutorials.

Our help guides answer questions like:

  1. What does accepting a care request mean?
    Your connection to the care seeker has been made! This allows you to make contact with your new care lead and begin your assessment process.

  2. Why should I ensure my availability is accurate and up to date?
    Keeping your availability current will enable you to accept care requests quickly, allow care seekers to pick you for their care needs and help your team keep track of where you may have extra time.

Not yet purchased Pairly Pro?

Pairly Pro is a tool that displays your real-time availability to care seekers visiting your website. We aim to make the process of finding care as simple as possible for both care seekers and providers but, how do we make requesting care through your website more appealing to care seekers?

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