Mobility aids

What are mobility aids?

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Providing Care

What are mobility aids?

Mobility aids are tools that help people move around more easily. They give people who have difficulty walking greater independence and freedom. A mobility aid can help you move from one room to another or go to the shops independently.

Mobility aids include 

Who needs them 

Mobility aids are used by older people who have difficulty getting around as well as people with an injury or who are living with a disability. They can aid in an active lifestyle, improving mental and physical health. Mobility aids can offer freedom and other benefits, including better stability and balance, enhanced walking patterns, and assistance with weakness.

How do I get a mobility aid?

You can apply through your local council, view them at a shop near you or ask a health professional for advice. Your free ''care needs assessment'' available from your local council will highlight any assistance you need.

Can I get help paying for my mobility aid?

There is assistance and grants available. Your local council can help you with this, and you can enquire directly here: