How can I add room availability for my care home?

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Providing Care

Pairly provides care seekers with information such as rooms you have available within your care home. You can give a detailed description of the room and services as well as pictures of the room. This helps care seekers make informed choices when seeking assistance for themselves or loved ones.
Your room information and availability can also be shown and requested through your website if you have purchased Pairly Pro!

How do I enter my room information?

To add rooms available for care homes on, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Pairly account: Access your Pairly account by entering your login credentials.

2. Go to your dashboard: This is the central hub where you can manage your care home profile and availability. Locate the tab 'Rooms' in your dashboard.

Pairly care home room management

3. Update rooms: Add a new room with a name by selecting the "add a new room +" button

Pairly care home create new room

4. Specify the rooms available: Enter the details of each room available in your care home, such as the room number, capacity, pricing and any specific features or amenities. You can also include additional photos and information about the rooms if desired. We encourage users of Pairly to upload as much information about their rooms as possible to help care seekers make informed choices about their care.

5. Review and confirm: Double-check your care home profile to ensure that the rooms available are accurately reflected. Make any necessary adjustments before finalising your changes.

By following these steps, you can easily add and update the rooms available for your care home on This allows potential care seekers to see the availability of rooms and make informed decisions when searching for care homes.