Why might my account be suspended?

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Providing Care

There are several reasons why your account on Pairly might be suspended. Here are some common reasons for account suspension:

1. Violation of Terms of Service: If you have violated the terms of service or community guidelines set by Pairly, your account may be suspended. This could include engaging in abusive behaviour, harassment, providing false information, or any other actions that are deemed inappropriate.

2. Non-compliance with the Verification Process: If you fail to complete the required verification process or provide inaccurate or invalid information, your account may be suspended until the necessary verification is completed.

3. Breach of Privacy or Security: If your account is involved in any unauthorized access, hacking attempts, or other activities that compromise the privacy or security of Pairly or its users, your account may be suspended.

4. Suspicious or Fraudulent Activity: if there is evidence of suspicious or fraudulent activity associated with your account, such as fraudulent payment methods, fake reviews, or attempts to deceive or defraud other users, your account may be suspended.

5. Multiple Policy Violations: if you have repeatedly violated Pairly's policies or guidelines, your account may be subject to suspension.

6. If you are a private carer and not registered with a local authority you may be suspended until the correct documents are provided.

It's important to review Pairly's terms of service and community guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid actions that could lead to account suspension. If your account has been suspended, you should reach out to Pairly's customer support for more specific information regarding the reason for the suspension and to seek guidance on how to resolve the issue. Please contact us at help@pairly.com if you require assistance.