Finding my Provider CQC ID

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Providing Care

Why do I need my CQC ID?

To set up your Pairly acount As a registered company, you will need to provide your Provider ID (this is different to the location ID on CQC). To find your CQC (Care Quality Commission) provider ID, follow these steps:

1. Visit the CQC website: Go to the official website of the Care Quality Commission at

2. Navigate to the "Provider Information" section: Look for a tab or section on the website's navigation menu that relates to provider information. This section may vary in name or placement on the website.

3. Access the "Find a Location" or "Find a Service" tool: Within the provider information section, you will see a tool that allows you to search for your company's location or service.

4. Enter your company details: Input your company's name, address, or other relevant information in the search fields provided. Make sure to select the option that allows you to search for providers rather than locations.

5. Search and locate your company: Click on the search or submit button to initiate the search. The system will generate a list of providers that match your search criteria.

6. Find your provider ID: Locate your company's name in the search results. The CQC provider ID associated with your company should be listed alongside your company's name and other details. It will also be located as the number at the end of the URL on the correct CQC page.

If you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance, consider reaching out to the CQC directly for support in retrieving your provider ID.