Choosing Care

Care needs assessment

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Providing Care

Searching for care can be daunting. If you want to discuss the kind of care you need, an excellent place to start is to approach your doctor or local council to request a ''care needs assessment''. A care needs assessment is free, this assessment will help you establish how much care and which type of care you need. You will be visited at home by a health professional who will ask questions about your health and lifestyle and look around your home to see if you would benefit from home adaptations.

Different types of care 

When you have identified the level of care you are looking for, there are many different options for types of care to support you. These include residential care, enabling, care in your own home, live-in care and personal care assistants. When you have decided what kind of care you need, the next step is to source a provider.

Choosing a provider

When it comes to choosing between providers, can give you a comparison between local options. Ask friends and family for recommendations; you may have a friend or a loved one who has had a wonderful experience with a carer or care company that they can recommend. Once you have a shortlist, look at reviews of the providers on and ask for recommendations and references if that would help you