The Care Show Birmingham 2023 Highlights

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What is The Care Show?

The Care Show is the UK’s leading social care event and professionals from all aspects of the care sector are able to meet under the same roof to share ideas and connect with one another. We were so pleased to meet our industry partners in person and introduce the Pairly system. It was so encouraging to see all the innovative technology currently being developed for the care industry which is ready to adopt easier and more streamlined processes.

From the discussions we had on both days, it became obvious there is a real need for a platform to connect people to care. Pressure on care seekers is at an all-time high, with hard-to-access information and a lack of concrete care service connections, finding care can be harder than ever. This bottleneck effect on the industry is creating a social care “shortage” as people find it hard to navigate the care sector.

To support care home and community care providers there is a focus on finding ways to put care availability and booking information directly into the hands of the care seeker. When presenting PairlyPro as a solution, the excitement and positivity surrounding this project was enormous. It was so rewarding to see how Industry leaders were able to immediately see the value and need for Pairly technology.

3 things we learnt from The Care Show Birmingham

PairlyPro highlights and discussion points

PairlyPro has the ability to filter enquiries, take booking requests and more, without the need for constant monitoring or human intervention, saving time and resources.

No hidden additional costs or fees when wanting to provide website users with help and information. With the rise of chat boxes and AI tools, many people find themselves stuck, paying for a service that doesn’t provide concrete leads or provide care seekers with the information they need.

Customisation and collaboration

As a new and agile platform, we had lots of exciting discussions about collaborating with other industry-leading technology, to help create fully integrated systems that will transform the care service landscape.

PairlyPro can also be customised to suit your needs. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, PairlyPro can be easily adapted to fit flawlessly into your branding and website.

Live care provider availability

Many families struggle to find quality care for their loved ones and are often stuck in a loop, calling around for hours, trying to match the specific needs and times their loved ones require assistance, with the availability of their chosen care provider. During The Care Show, there was overwhelming support for Pairly, and the need to make connecting with care more accessible, specifically live availability that families are able to see and take advantage of.