Survey suggests that public satisfaction with the NHS has dropped - especially in the social care sector

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The British Social Attitudes survey results for 2022 reveal the level of public satisfaction with the NHS and social care.

Conducted by NatCen, the survey is regarded as a gold-standard measure. The Nuffield Trust and The King's Fund have collaborated to publish the findings. According to the survey, public satisfaction with the health service has reached its lowest point in the survey's 40-year history.

Some Key results of the survey are as follows

Key results for social care

Satisfaction with social care services was even lower, with only 14% of respondents indicating satisfaction. Dissatisfaction with social care increased to 57%, with the main reasons being that people don't receive all the social care they need. Other reasons for dissatisfaction are: (64%), inadequate pay, working conditions, and training for social care workers (57%), and insufficient support for unpaid carers (49%).

Dissatisfaction with social care was high across all age groups, income levels, genders, and political affiliations, with older adults, higher-income earners, and white individuals expressing the most dissatisfaction.

Something’s gotta give

The social care system isn’t working - collectively, how can we make things better? We could start by:

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