Five reasons why we need to reimagine how we source care

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With a rapidly growing ageing population, the need for care is increasing exponentially. This is not reflected in the way we search for care.

Here are five reasons for reimagining how we find and search for care

1. The need for care

There are 1.9m requests for government-funded care per year. That equates to a staggering 5289 per day! - We have to ask ourselves whether current practices can support this demand.

2. Depletion of our workforce

There is a severe shortage of healthcare professionals. 150,000+ Sector vacancies - Leveraging and utilising the existing capacity is vital to our communities and vulnerable people.

3. Blockage in the hospitals

People are kept in hospitals when they don’t need to be because there is no visibility of the care capacity that does exist. 13% of Hospital beds are occupied by delayed discharges requiring onward care and support

4. Finding care is daunting

40% Of care seekers describe finding care as ”distressing” (ipsos ‘22). With more people needing care daily, we must make the search for care easier.

5. There is no platform that connects care seekers to live care capacity.. until now!

Pairly was founded by health and social care professionals; Will and Mark are two friends with 20 years of experience running successful CQC-rated ‘outstanding’ care businesses.

Both Will and Mark began their businesses intending to improve the lives of vulnerable people in their communities and make care better for everyone.

Will says:

“It is clear that there are blockages in the care sector; I believe we need to reimagine how we source care. I am proud to be involved with creating a solution that gives care seekers unrivalled access to providers.”

228 care providers have signed up to Pairly in Somerset and Devon.

If you are a care provider and you want to get involved Sign up now! If you need help in your search for care, try our easy-to-use search tool.

Let's reimagine care together.