Coming soon to Pairly Pro! March 2024 Update

Providing Care
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What we set out to achieve

Will and Mark, co-founders of Pairly have always had a strong vision of what they wanted Pairly Pro to achieve. With their combined experience of over 40 years in the care industry they recognised a need to use real-time availability data to make care more accessible to care seekers. The first release of Pairly Pro aimed to give care seekers a fast and efficient way to see whether their chosen care provider has capacity to offer them care and create an engaging way to interact with your website.

Creating traction on your website

Pairly Pro keeps it simple. Instead of care seekers not being sure what they need or how to find relevant information, Pairly Pro provides a pathway that leads users to request the care they need and guides users through requesting the care they need while equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Using your real-time availability data

Pairly Pro significantly enhances the care seeking experience by connecting them with your real-time availability - on your website not via a third party. Helping individuals find care in a fast and effective way by matching their needs with your availability.

Saving you money on care enquiries

Many chatbots or directories charge per care request or even per message! With Pairly Pro there are no extra or hidden charges and you retain the information about each of your care requests. We don’t believe in keeping the right to provide care behind a paywall.

A sneak peek at the new Pairly Pro features coming soon!

In 2024 we wanted to develop Pairly Pro to not only take care enquiries but keep a human connection while care seekers are using it. To achieve this but still keep things simple, we created a chat function with text and selections which are fully customisable. The avatar “speaking” with the care seeker can also be edited to reflect your team.

Pairly Pro preview

Listening to our early adopters feedback, we realised that job applications were coming through Pairly Pro. To take advantage of this and help with the recruitment process, we have built a job selection area where people can apply for positions within your company or send you their CVs.

Pairly Pro care recruitment

Testing and rollout!

We are currently testing all our new features to ensure a smooth transition for our users and are hoping to have this phase completed in the next month or two once we are happy with the overall experience. If you are interested in any of these updates please contact us at

Want to know more about how Pairly Pro can help your business?

Request a demo with one of our representatives or you can create your free account today and join thousands of other care providers who are taking advantage of their real-time availability data to find care seekers.