100+ providers in Somerset and Devon sign up to Pairly as the site goes live

Providing Care
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Since our phase one launch in Somerset and Devon (the website went live on Friday 3rd February):

On 7th February, we made our first real-time care connection, linking Mrs P in Devon, who was looking for care for her father with a local provider. The feedback from both the provider and the care seeker has been brilliant:

Mrs P from Tiverton says:

“Thank you! I was really worried about how complicated it would be to find care for my Dad. Pairly made it super-easy.”

Our provider says:

“Pairly is a great addition to our business. It’s like the personal assistant we didn’t know we needed.”

Pairly makes connecting with care as easy as booking a room. Unlike a directory that only lists services Pairly connects care seekers with Providers that have the capacity to care in real-time.

More people are signing up to Pairly.com to find and provide care every day.

Be part of the journey - make sure you get your availability live on to help more people find care and you!

Looking for care? Our providers are waiting to help you!

Have you signed up? We would love to know your thoughts on the site so far, email us on info@pairly.com

Will and Mark