How it works

Care seeker Care provider

Pairly has a simple purpose - to help you maximise the potential of your care service by filling your care capacity. To make this possible Pairly reflects your capacity directly to those who need it most using a process that is as easy as booking a hotel stay. Care seekers simply tell Pairly; who needs support, their age, where care is needed, and the type of care thought to be the best option. Pairly then leads the care seeker to a profile for all those Providers with care capacity, today, and puts them in direct contact with you via our real-time messaging platform.

Create your profile

Share information about your business, your logo and your specialisms.

Enter your capacity

Enter the capacity you have following the simple steps in your profile - if you are a care home its a room, or if you provide hourly or live-in care services, you enter when and where you have availability. This way Pairly will lead care seekers to your capacity and enable individuals to access the care they need now.

Go Live!

Once your capacity is entered, it is immediately visible to care seekers via the search tool (LINK) - the beauty of Pairly is that it is available not only to the public but to Health and Social Care professionals. Think of the time this saves you…and them! You will be prompted to update your capacity every day.

Make connections

Meanwhile, care seekers will find your capacity, view your provider profile and confidently send you a care connection in the knowledge you have the capacity they need. You will receive a request for care that you know you can meet - Meaningful and profitable connections are made, and no time is wasted.

Win a new customer

Once we have connected you via our messaging platform, Pairly puts you in direct contact with your customer. Together, you will take the next steps to put in place the support required. Your team's time is productive and directed towards supporting those who need it most.

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