Using data to transform the care industry

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Data-driven decision-making empowers companies to make more informed choices, optimise resource allocation, improve service delivery, and ultimately better serve the needs of their communities.

According to a study by McKinsey,

The care market has historically had limited data and extremely poor visibility on capacity management and planning. This makes it extremely hard to ensure supply is meeting the increasing demand in the industry.

13% of NHS beds are occupied because patients can’t be discharged to a home.

Imagine the time and costs that Local Authorities could save finding care for patients?

Imagine how communities could benefit through more efficient care and NHS services?

Pairly bridges the gap between real-time supply and demand in the care sector and uses data to transform the overall experience :

Somerset County Council have been working with Pairly and already seeing significant benefits:

“Pairly provides an opportunity to instantly put available care capacity in the hands of those needing it. Pairly has the potential to support in critical areas such as speeding up discharge from hospital beds and making the search for care easier at what can be a stressful time for people. It improves time efficiency in the search for care through targeted sourcing”

“The team on average spend 5-20 hours on the phone, around 60% of phone calls aren’t fruitful. By having Pairly, vacancies can be identified in less than 3 minutes.”

Commissioning Officer, Somerset CC's innovative approach to connecting real-time supply and demand is transforming the care sector by enhancing efficiency, visibility, and collaboration, ultimately leading to better outcomes for individuals requiring care and support.

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