Three things we learnt from Exhibiting at The Residential and Home Care Show last week

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We had a great time as one of the ‘must see’ exhibitors at The Residential and Home Care Show last week. It was the first major event we had attended, and we pulled out all the stops!

The Residential and Home Care Show is an annual event that brings together healthcare professionals, industry experts, and service providers in the residential and home care sector. The event aims to showcase the latest innovations, trends, and best practices in the care field.

We worked hard on a ‘stand out’ stand, bringing our website to life as a living room where people could come to demo the system and talk about how Pairly is reimagining the search for care.

Will and Mark at The Residential and Home Care Show

The show was an excellent opportunity for us to learn about the latest developments in the industry. Exhibitors share products and services; there are seminars and workshops to attend. We found significant opportunities to network and share Pairly with a broader audience - the feedback was resoundingly positive!

The event is attended by experts in the field, including nurses, caregivers, healthcare providers, and industry leaders. It is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with the latest residential and home care developments, meet new people, and build lasting relationships with peers and business partners.

3 Things we learnt from our first show:

  1. Business cards aren’t dead: We didn’t take any this year, but we will next year for sure!

  2. Creating a ‘stand out’ stand pays dividends - many people came to take pictures and tell us how great it looked.

  3. Put the Allen key somewhere safe: Taking it down at the end meant we had to borrow one!

See you at The Care Show in October!