Somerset County Council supports the development and testing of Pairly across the county.

Providing Care
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It's a time of reflection at Pairly HQ as we excitedly launch to providers and care seekers. Pairly has been through some stringent testing over the last year to get it primed for full usage. One of the key organisations we have worked with during that time is Somerset County Council which has tried the platform to see how they can utilise it to connect care seekers with care providers in their locality.

Somerset County Council supports the development and testing of Pairly across the County.Here are some of the positive points they highlighted:

Time efficiency – On average, the team at Somerset County Council calculated that they spend up to 2 hours on the phone when trying to find a care provider for an individual client. These calls often include multiple callbacks due to individuals being unavailable. Around 60% of those phone calls aren't fruitful - think of the time can save time-pressed health and social care, professionals.

Using Pairly, vacancies can be identified in under 3 minutes.

Targeted sourcing – Somerset County Council concluded that due to the level of the information listed on, more suitable care options could be identified faster. Leading to a more targeted sourcing approach and quicker sourcing time. This allows a steady flow within the hospitals and could help to avoid crisis status being reached. Pairly's sourcing also saves time for care providers by preventing them from assessing unsuitable assessments.

Last but not least, it gives the client and their family confidence that their wishes are heard without having to express their needs repeatedly.

User-friendly"The website is easy to use. Individuals with any level of technical skills can use it. Any issues discovered were resolved quickly by the support/tech team."

Safety – Pairly links to the provider's CQC rating: "Having the website link to the home's CQC rating gives the individual confidence of the skill/safety level within the home."

A Senior Commissioning Manager says:

"Overall, the website offers a service needed across the UK. It supports all avenues of the market, such as local authorities or self-funding clients who currently don't have a resource to go to when looking for care. It's simple to use, quick with results and has a pleasant layout. Giving the option for visual tours reassures the clients before moving forward with an assessment, again saving time for all parties involved."

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Here's a reminder of Pairly's key capabilities:

We will continue to improve Pairly and support individuals to "connect with care."