Meet Jacob! Our Business Development Manager

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With a career spanning nearly 11 years within the care sector, Jacob has embraced a variety of roles – starting as a Support Worker for adults with autism and learning disabilities and progressing into positions such as Operations Manager and Business Development Manager.

The chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals receiving care has been a constant motivator throughout Jacob's career. Whether as a Support Worker or Operations Manager, each role allowed him to contribute to the well-being of those in need.

“I don't think I realised at the time how big the sector was and the opportunities that were available to me.” - Jacob

One of the aspects Jacob cherished most in his previous job was the opportunity to connect with people. Working across several branches across the country exposed him to the diversity of services the care sector encompasses.

Joining the Pairly team

Now, having embarked on a new chapter with Pairly, Jacob has taken on the role of a Business Development Manager. His focus is on building partnerships with homecare providers and care homes, facilitating the aggregation of real-time availability information for their website visitors. The goal is to understand the challenges these companies face in connecting with care seekers and explore how Pairly can enhance this experience.

“I can see the huge potential that Pairly can have across the Care landscape. Giving care seekers a way to connect with care in a more tangible way.” - Jacob

Jacob's motivation for joining Pairly is rooted in personal and professional experiences. He's witnessed the struggles and frustrations people endure when seeking care. Some have recounted making countless calls to different providers without making any headway. Pairly's technology offers a solution to this issue, aiming to streamline the process and alleviate pressures on the NHS and Local Government in their quest to find available capacity.

“On both a professional and personal note I have seen the struggle and frustration that people experience in finding care. I have spoken with people in the past who have made 20+ calls to different providers and are no further ahead in finding the answers they're looking for.” - Jacob

In his role at Pairly, Jacob aspires to deliver meaningful change by promoting the adoption of their platform. The overarching goal is to enhance the visibility of care capacity in the market, ensuring that those in need can easily access the services they require.

Jacob mentioned that his experience with Pairly so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The team has been most supportive in helping me to find my way and have been patient with my many questions!” - Jacob

We are very excited to have someone as experienced and enthusiastic as Jacob on our team. He shares our values and has quickly embodied our desire for change within the care sector for a more collaborative way for care providers and seekers to connect. If you would like to speak with Jacob or arrange a demo for Pairly Pro, you can arrange a meeting here.

“I look forward to connecting with you all soon!” - Jacob

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