1243 hours per month of care connections made last week on Pairly.com!

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Pairly's Connections Are Growing Stronger!

We have some great news, last week the care connections made using Pairly led to:

1243 hours per month of care for providers

Which is £226,304 in revenue!

This win resulted in providers finding customers and filling their capacity and care seekers finding the perfect care for them.

A care seeker in Somerset says:

"We were looking for care for over three months. Pairly were professional and helpful. I was delighted you managed to make a match”

A representative from Helping Hands home care says::

"We have made contact with a number of people looking for support for a loved one, a client and a friend. We have set up multiple home assessments with a view to starting care.

The feedback I have received from the New Business team who manage our customer’s journey has been positive.I would expect the volume of care seekers using Pairly and requesting hours from Helping Hands branches to increase as the service becomes more popular (which I have no doubt it will)." - Business Development Manager, Helping Hands.