11 fun activities you can try at home when you are caring for an older person

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Stephanie. DStephanie S

If you're caring for an older loved one who can't easily leave the house due to illness or mobility issues, you can still do plenty of activities together to keep the fun and entertainment flowing.

Here are eleven ideas to get you started:

  1. Play a game of cards: Play old favourites like Snap, Pairs, Whist, or Rummy to stimulate memories and encourage conversation.
  2. Create a collage: Use old magazines to cut out pictures and stick them together for a new design.
  3. Try a crossword or Suduko: Keep the brain active with large-print crosswords and games that are easy to read. Choose cryptic or general knowledge options to suit your loved one's interests.
  4. Make cards: Create cards for special occasions using various materials, including fabric, feathers, and paper.
  5. Flower arranging: Make beautiful flower arrangements using budget bouquets and garden greenery.
  6. Try some seated exercises or chair yoga: Stay active with exercise routines that can be done while sitting down. Look online for seated exercise classes or download exercise plans for older adults.
  7. Brass and silver cleaning: Rekindle old memories with this classic activity. Use Brasso or silver polish to clean brass, copper, or silver items.
  8. Bird and wildlife watching: take some time to spot birds and other wildlife in the garden or through the window, and talk about what you see.
  9. Bake: try making a simple loaf of bread or some cakes you can decorate together.
  10. Prompt your loved one's memory: Play a memory game with a tray of household items to study and then cover up.
  11. Share some stories: Read a book together or look through old photo albums and share the stories in the photographs.

If you can get out and about with your loved one or the person you are caring for, you might look for some of these clubs in the local area: